Web Design Services
The overall cost of a site is based on many factors - the design of the site, the number of pages, graphics, etc. - and so here at SWS, we feel that it is important to discuss clients' requirements before offering a quotation. A free, no-obligation consultation and quote is given to clients, based on their own specific requirements, before any undertaking to commence work on a site is agreed by both parties.

  • SWS will not be responsible for any breach of copyright of material supplied by the client and accepted in good faith for subsequent uploading by SWS.
  • The client is responsible for the completeness of any materials supplied to SWS at the time an order is placed. Any further revisions made must be agreed between the client and SWS and may be charged in addition to the accepted quotation.
  • Generally, sites will be subject to a completion date, ready for the client's approval, of 10 to 14 days after the acceptance of the completed specification by SWS.
  • Larger sites will be subject to a completion date to be agreed between the client and SWS.
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